Key Staff

1 Chris Littlewood Managing Director
Chris has over 25 years IT Management Experience and for the last 9 years has been involved in IT Asset Disposal at main board director level.
2 Derek Johnston Deputy Managing Director
Derek has over 25 years Management Experience, he also has over 6 years IT Asset Disposal experience. Derek is in overall control of equipment outbound sales
2 Steve Johnston Factory Manager
Steve has several years warehouse and logistics experience, he also has 8 years Computer Recycling experience dealing in all process areas. Steve is in overall control of our processes and logistic operations
6 Lorraine Smith Administration Manager
Lorraine has several years corporate management and administration experience. She is responsible for collection administration, asset tracking and release.
6 Angie Trueman Accounts
Angie has several years corporate book keeping experience. She is responsible for accounts and payroll.