Data Security

Ecosystems takes the security of our client's data very seriously. In relation to transport, data sanitisation and data destruction

Physical protection of equipment starts at collection.


  • Equipment collected by DBS vetted staff.

  • All equipment loaded on to the vehicle is countersigned both Ecosystems and Client staff.

  • Equipment loaded on to GPS tracked vehicles.

  • Loose data bearing items collected in GPS tracked boxes.

  • GPS tracking is monitored live by the logistics staff, unscheduled stops, or deviations from agreed transport routes are immediately investigated.


Our facilities are protected by a 11 level security ring fence and ensure your data is secured to the highest levels.

  • 24 Hour external uniformed security guards supplied by Mitie patrol our facilities.

  • Physical barriers prevent unwanted vehicle access within 30 meters of our business

  • External CCTV monitors 360 degrees of the facility and alarm should an unwanted present be alerted within 15 meters of the facility. External CCTV alarms are linked to senior managers' smart phones, where they can real-time view any alarm events.

  • ADT alarm system linked via Redcar to the police station based 500 meters away.

  • ADT radio frequency door access control systems, fitted to all external and internal doors. This system allows the control of staff movement in different locations at different times.

  • Internal SIA badged security guards. Guards oversee unloading of vehicles, internal premises security, internal and external CCTV, staff searches, factory access and data destruction access.

  • Internal CCTV. Our internal CCTV systems have 24 HD CCTV cameras covering the factory and data destruction areas. We have 2 PTZ CCTV cameras that have a 400x zoom.

  • CCTV is on permanent record and stores information for 3 months. The system is operated by trained SIA badged security guards. Internal CCTV alarms are linked to senior managers' smart phones, where they can real-time view any out of hours alarm events.

  • Airport body scanner. Personnel access to our facilities in only gained through an airport body scanner. All staff entering or exiting the factory or data destruction areas must enter the scanner. The scanner has 12 scan points and displays alarms identifying where on a person's body an item has been identified. The scanner is sensitive enough to pick up a CPU chip in a person's shoe.

  • All staff exiting the factory or data destruction area is searched by our security staff, every time they leave the area. This includes removing all metal items.

  • Separate RF door access control system for data destruction area. Only prior vetted and approved staff are allowed access to the Data Destruction areas

Proof of destruction

    We provide individual evidence of data destruction for every data device we collect. Such as:


    PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Servers, Mobile Phones, Multifunction Printers, Network Routers, Firewalls, Zip Drives, Hard Drives, Solid State Hard Drives, CD's, DVD's, Video Tapes, Backup Tapes, Floppy Discs, USB Memory Sticks, Flash Drives, Photocopiers, CCTV systems, Dictaphones and Epos Systems.


    If it can hold data, we provide proof of destruction, either by individual certificate of destruction, or by individual video evidence of destruction.


    We back every data bearing item we collect with a £20 million insurance guarantee.

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