Vision: Ecosystems provide world Leading IT Asset Disposal and Data Destruction services to clients throughout mainland UK, ensuring clients adhere to all relevant UK and EU legislation including: Duty of Care, RoHS, Data Protection the WEEE Directive and incoming GDPR Legislation.

Experience: We have several years of experience delivering IT Asset Disposal and Data Destruction services. We currently work with over 2000 clients that include Banks, Central and Local Government Organizations, NHS Trusts, Education Establishments and Corporate Clients. We understand how important correct disposal of end of life IT equipment is. Clients can rest assured that our services are ethical and effective.

Quality: Ecosystems processes and services are underpinned by our ISO9001 quality accreditation.

Environmental Sustainability: Our founding belief is that re-use of end of life equipment has the most positive impact on our Environment. With this in mind we re-use over 85% of all items collected in whole form. The final 15% harvested for spare parts or broken down to its base components and re-introduced back in to manufacturing. Our services and processes are governed by our ISO14001 Environmental Accreditation.

By completing in-depth lifecycle analysis of IT equipment and examining the positive C02 reductions that can be achieved through reuse, we report back all carbon reductions achieved by our clients through using our services on a collection basis.

Information Security. Ecosystems Data Sanitisation and Destruction procedures are formally managed by our ISO27001 Accredited information Security Management policy and our maintenance of 100% reviewed score of the NHS Information Governance Toolkit.

Our unique world leading service provides full traceability of every data bearing item from collection to destruction.

We provide irrefutable evidence that every data bearing item has had the data permanently destroyed. We provide software generated certificates of data destruction or individual video evidence of destruction for each data bearing item we collect.

We back our IT Asset Disposal and Data Destruction service with a £10,000,000 professional indemnity insurance guarantee.

Commitment: Ecosystems are committed to delivering the highest quality professional services to clients throughout mainland UK, we are constantly improving our services and have a flexible approach to service delivery that can match a client's induvial requirements

Our services are underpinned by requirements set out in law and are designed to protect our clients from the horrible consequences of inadvertently breaching legislation.

We provide risk assessments and method statements that detail how we deal with every item of equipment we collect

We bind ourselves to a contract of services that ensures we only deal with equipment in a certain way.

We provide the greatest levels of oversight and proof that guarantee we have completed the work as required.

We back our services with a multi-million pound insurance guarantee.


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